Finance and Facilities Committee

The mission of the Shawnee Mission School District, the bridge to unlimited possibilities yet to be discovered, is to ensure students construct their own foundation for success in life’s endeavors through relevant, personalized learning experiences orchestrated by talented, compassionate educators and distinguished by: 

  • an inclusive culture
  • an engaged community
  • and robust opportunities that challenge learners to achieve their full potential

The Finance and Facilities Committee
The SMSD Board of Education approved the establishment of the standing district Finance and Facilities Committee of the Board on November 11, 2019 and the slate of committee members was approved January 27, 2020.  

Community Members
East                Melissa Rooker
North             Susan Metzker
Northwest     Ryan Wineinger
South             Gary Strout
West               Angelique Rodriguez-Gunion
At-Large        Susan Lindahl
At-Large        Chris White

Board Members
Brad Stratton, Chair
Mary Sinclair, Vice Chair

Agendas, Resources, and Schedules

Purpose and Parameters
The primary purpose of the Finance and Facilities Committee is to review and advise the district and the Board of Education on these two functions, in alignment with the implementation of the SMSD Strategic Plan. Committee members are to review the operating, designated revenue, and capital budgets of the district, including the finances of the bond projects. The Committee is to also review design concepts, key assumptions and budgets for new buildings and major renovations, and to identify strengths and weaknesses to the Board of Education on construction and facility related issues.

The superintendent and/or designee will set the committee agenda in consultation with the board members on the committee. Acknowledgment of potential impact on district finances and resources, statutory or regulatory requirements should be included with any recommendations, if put forward by the committee.  Any recommendations of the committee will be presented to the superintendent for consideration, with potential for review by relevant district working groups, in preparation for consideration by the Board of Education.

Final approval rests with the Board of Education.

The members of the Finance and Facilities Committee will select a committee chairperson and vice chairperson at their first meeting of each school year.  Committee ground rules will be established by the members during the first meeting and reviewed at least annually. A district staff member will provide logistical support to the work of the committee.  

The Finance and Facilities Committee is to provide input and items for consideration to the Superintendent at least 5 calendar days prior to any Board meeting so that issues for consideration have adequate time to be reviewed and prioritized for an upcoming Board meeting agenda. All Committee meetings will be noticed and open to the public. While the work of the committee will be conducted in public, only committee members will participate in the meetings. Observers are welcome to attend. Observers with questions or comments will be directed to the committee’s designated district staff support members, who will facilitate communication on behalf of the volunteer participants.  

Each member of the Board of Education appointments one SMSD patron to the committee, from a pool of applicants. The superintendent will appointment up to four members from the district administration. The Board President will select two members from the board to serve on the committee. 

Committee Objectives
Review the current Financial Reports of the SMSD:

  • Review and advise on the annual budget development and budget workshop presentation to strengthen the process and explanation to board members and patrons.

Review the current Capital Improvement and Construction projects of the SMSD:

  • Assist in the development and prioritization of the SMSD long-range Facilities Plan
  • Review and advise on the budget and finances of the projects funded through bond issuance
  • Review and advise on post construction and occupancy summaries

Preferred Experiences or Expertise of Committee Members:

  • Interest and capacity to work with budget documents
  • Familiarity with school finance basics (e.g., operating budget vs capital and bond, sources of revenue and restrictions, awareness of school finance lawsuits)
  • Familiarity with construction, architecture, bonds
  • Familiarity with K-12 public education