Meet Your Board Members


 Shawnee Mission East Area
 Mary Sinclair

 Mary Sinclair is in her 2nd term of service on the board and is the board's         president for 2022.  She has lived in the district for more than 25 years.  Sinclair       and her husband, Doug Huffman, have two children who both graduated from   Shawnee Mission schools.  Sinclair has held an adjunct faculty position with the   University of Kansas and University of Missouri-Kansas City, intermittently since   2004.  She earned an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, a   Master's in Education from Harvard University and a doctorate degree from the   University of Minnesota in Special Education.  Sinclair is an active member of PTA,   Game On For Kansas Schools, and belongs to the Main Street Coalition and   League   of Women Voters Johnson County. She has been a district MVP volunteer for   the past seven years.


 Shawnee Mission North Area
 Sara Goodburn
 Vice President

 Sara Goodburn is currently serving her third 4-year term on the board.  Goodburn   is the board's vice president for 2022.  She served two years as president from   July   2015 to July 2017.  Goodburn lives in the North area with her husband, Kelly.   They have two children who attended and graduated from Shawnee Mission   Schools. Goodburn is a long-time board member and current board chair of the   Baptist-Trinity Legacy Foundation.  the signature program of the foundation is   Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet.  She is a member of the SM North Booster Club   and helps organize the annual golf tournament.  She is an alumnae member of   Alpha Delta Pi and supports the national philanthropy locally through Ronald   McDonald House Charities, Kansas City. Goodburn graduated from the University   of Kansas with a bachelor's degree in Journalism. 


 Shawnee Mission Northwest Area
 Jamie Borgman
 Jamie Borgman is serving her first term on the board. She and her husband,   Craig have lived in the SMSD area for over 15 years. They have three children   who attend Shawnee Mission Schools. Jamie is a former television news       journalist. She currently works for a global oncology company as a senior level   account executive. Jamie is the founder of SMSD Circle of Kindness. She leads   various PTA committees, helps on SMNW booster clubs and sits on SMSD site   councils. Jamie enjoys giving back to her alma mater, Kansas State University, as   an Executive Business Mentor.




 Shawnee Mission West Area
 April Boyd-Noronha
 April Boyd-Noronha is serving her first term on the board. Boyd-Noronha lives   in Lenexa and is a proud Shawnee Mission parent. She is a long-time educator   and is currently the program director and professor of cybersecurity at the   University of Saint Mary. She has served in various roles as a higher   education administrator in the fields of cybersecurity, computer information   systems, health information management, and leadership. In addition, she has   dedicated   many hours as a community STEM advocate.  
 Boyd-Noronha is a member of the Shawnee Mission West PTA, the   Johnson County NAACP, and the Lenexa Rotary club. She also serves as the   global diversity and inclusion advisor and executive board member of the XR   Safety Initiative. In her role on the Board of Education, Boyd-Noronha looks   forward to ensuring that “diversity is our strength” in the SMSD.


 Shawnee Mission South Area
 Jessica Hembree
 Jessica Hembree is in her third year of board service. She and her husband Brett   have three sons, two of   whom attend Shawnee Mission Schools and one who   is three years old. Jessica worked in health policy for more   than ten years, with   focuses on Medicaid policy, children’s health and school-based mental health   services. She   founded a small business in 2018 to provide public policy   consulting to nonprofit organizations. Jessica has her   undergraduate degree   from Kansas State University and a Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton   University.   She recently completed a year-long education policy fellowship.




 At-Large Member
 Heather Ousley

 Heather Ousley serves as an at-large member and is the board's past   president, serving two-terms.  This is her second term of service.  Ousley and       her family live   in the Shawnee Mission North area.  She and her husband,   Jarrod, have three children who attend Shawnee Mission schools.  Ousley is an    attorney practicing primarily in the area of fair housing.  She belongs to the       Network for Public Education, the NAAP, and the Girl Scouts.  She is a volunteer    and member of the PTA organizations in her children's schools.      




 At-Large Member
 Brad Stratton
 Brad Stratton is serving his seventh year on the board and began his first term in   May 2015. Stratton has lived in the Shawnee Mission School District since 1987.   He has two daughters who are Shawnee Mission graduates. Stratton is the past   board chair of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce. He is also the past   board chair of the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation. He is a graduate   of Emporia State University with a degree in Business Administration. Stratton is   an investment advisor and president of Overland Park Wealth Management.