Public Comment

A time for public comment occurs at regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings to provide an opportunity for individuals to address the board regarding school district issues.

If you would like to address the board during Public Comment, please complete a Public Comment Information Card prior to the meeting. The information cards will customarily be available online or from the clerk of the board thirty minutes before the meeting.

a)     All commenters are asked to review the guidelines for public comment below.

b)     All commenters are asked to fill out an information card.

Patrons are encouraged to electronically submit their requests to speak at Public Comment by 3:30 pm the Friday before a regularly scheduled Monday board meeting. This early submission may allow the district to research and/or address patron concerns before the meeting.

If you are not able to submit your information on the Friday before a regularly schedule board meeting, please submit your Public Comment Information Card to the clerk of the board at least ten minutes prior to the start of the meeting (usually 5:50 pm). The clerk of the board, Terry Wintering, will guide you through this process. She may be contacted at 913-993-6401 or at

The board president may impose a time limit of three minutes for each speaker.

Requests for auxiliary aids or services for persons needing assistance to address the board should be made with appropriate advance notice.

There are a few reminders that will help speakers have a constructive and positive experience when presenting your comments to the board.

Guidelines for Public Comments

—Please proceed to the podium when your name is called and share your name, city of residency, what schools your children attend if applicable, and the name of any group or organization you are representing.

—Please limit your remarks to three minutes.

—In consideration of everyone’s time, please select a group spokesperson to represent your interests or you may choose to pass when your name is called if a previous speaker has already expressed your concerns.

—Written comments and/or materials will be accepted and should be given to the clerk of the board for distribution. Please ensure there are at least eight (8) copies for distribution.

—Please make your comments while remaining behind the podium.

—Complaints regarding students or staff should first be addressed to administration in accordance with board policy KN – Complaints. If that procedure has been completed, the board will consider whether to hear such complaints in executive session in order to protect the privacy interests of the student(s) and/ or staff involved.

—If comments pertain to an item on that meeting’s agenda, the board president may ask the superintendent, or his or her designee, to address those comments at that time or when the item is up for board discussion.

—Generally, responses from board members during Public Comment will be limited to clarifying questions.