peachjar fliers


In accordance with School Board Policy KI, the Shawnee Mission School District does not allow students and staff to be subjected to and/or utilized as marketing and advertising conduits. However, the Shawnee Mission School District realizes that there are community activities and events that may be of interest to parents seeking resources for their children. In lieu of hard-copy flyer distributions to publicize these events, the Shawnee Mission School District is using the services of Peachjar for the posting of approved eFlyers on each school’s website so that they are accessible to staff, parents, and students as wanted/needed.   

The following guidelines are used by the office of Communications to determine what is appropriate for posting on Peachjar: 

FOR-PROFIT PRIVATE BUSINESSES: These materials are generally not permitted. Exceptions can be made for school partners who have an ongoing relationship with the school, or district level partners who have a District-approved partnership agreement.   

COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: These materials are permitted, if the content is relative to children and/or education. Non-profit status must be verified by the office of Communications before approval is granted. Flyers from churches may be included in this category (as long as content is not of a proselytizing nature) for events or activities directly beneficial to families, such as (secular) children events, youth sports, etc. 

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES:  The Shawnee Mission School District has partnerships with many government agencies that are supported and encouraged by the district.   This typically would include county/city parks and recreation departments, city-sponsored events, etc. 

POLITICAL CAMPAIGN MATERIALS:  Information endorsing or promoting a particular candidate or ballot issue is not permitted to be distributed to or through students or staff. 


1. Create an account at

2. Each school’s designated administrator will approve all flyers for posting on Peachjar. 

3. To ensure timely posting, flyers should be uploaded for approval at least 10 business days in advance of the event. 

4. Paper copies of the information will not be distributed to students and are not to be delivered to the school buildings. 

5. Flyers will be posted only for nonprofit organizations. Exceptions may be approved through the superintendent’s office or by his/her designee. 

6. Flyers are primarily for student events within the school district boundaries and countywide activities.

7. Information posted cannot be in violation of Board policy, state or federal law. 

8. Flyers cannot contain for-profit information or logos.

9. Flyers cannot include website addresses unless there is absolutely no for-profit information, for-profit logos, or religious information included on the website. Instead, you may provide an e-mail address or phone number to which families can contact your organization with any questions and/or to register their children. 

10. Official proof of nonprofit status must be provided upon request by Peachjar and/or the Shawnee Mission School District. 

11. Flyers will remain posted up to 30 days. 

Questions and/or concerns about the posting process for eFlyers as well as credits and/or refunds should be addressed directly with Peachjar at 858-997-2117, ext. 130.

Each request will be reviewed by the Communications Department staff on an individual basis with the aforementioned criteria in mind. The decision not to post your organization’s information is not to be considered disapproval of the activity/event, but rather a decision based on the best interests of the Shawnee Mission School District.