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All menus are analyzed for nutritional content and meet the USDA guidelines for the age of the student.

School meals are nutritious and provide:
• No more than 10 percent of calories can come from saturated fat.
• All items are trans-fat free.
• Numerous fruits and vegetables are offered each day with at least one fresh fruit or vegetable.
• Fruit and juice offered at breakfast.
• Students are allowed to select unlimited (single trip) fruits and vegetables, except for potatoes and juice.
• Age appropriate serving sizes are offered.
• A variety of dark green, red/orange, beans (legumes), starchy, and other vegetables are offered throughout the week.

Visit the SchoolCafé website to view school menus, nutrient and ingredient/allergen information. 

SchoolCafe Instructions


Pork-containing items are designated on the menus with a pig symbol. Click here for a list.

Students must choose at least three different items, one must be a 1/2 cup of fruit or juice.
Students must choose a full portion of at least three of the five components to receive a complete school lunch and at least one component must be a 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable. Components include entree, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk. There are unlimited (single trip) fruits and vegetables available, except for juice and potatoes. We encourage students to take what they want, but eat what they take in order to reduce waste.

For print friendly menus, use the links below (coming soon).

Elementary School Menu
English  /  Espanol
Elementary Lunch Details
Middle School Menu                   
High School Menu                                                                                                          
Horizons Menu           
SM Early Childhood Education Center Menu                                         
English  /  Espanol                                                                                       
Arrowhead Day School Menu                                                

Schoolcafe Website

Monitor student meal accounts by visiting SchoolCafé. You’ll need to set up username and password. There are multiple benefits to this new software including the ability to:

  • Apply for free or reduced meal benefits.
  • View your child's account balance anytime.
  • See exactly what a la carte items are being purchased.
  • Set limits on a la carte purchases.
  • View Menus with nutrient and allergen information

E Funds

E funds can be used to add money to your student's account for a la carte purchases.