students selecting food in the cafeteria

All menus are analyzed for nutritional content and meet the USDA guidelines for the age of the student. Please contact the school nurse or the food services office for information regarding special diets.

School meals are nutritious and provide:
• No more than 10 percent of calories can come from saturated fat.
• All items are trans-fat free.
• Numerous fruits and vegetables are offered each day with at least one fresh fruit or vegetable.
• Fruit and juice offered at breakfast.
• Students are allowed to select unlimited (single trip) fruits and vegetables, except for potatoes and juice.
• Age appropriate serving sizes are offered.
• A variety of dark green, red/orange, beans (legumes), starchy, and other vegetables are offered throughout the week.
Nutritional Analysis
Vegetarian Options

Pork-containing items are designated on the menus with a pig symbol. Click here for a list.

Ingredient Labels
The labels are currently being updated.
The labels have been copied from the product or the manufacturer’s website when not available on the item. Distributors may make substitutions in products and ingredients may change without notice, therefore we cannot guarantee allergy-free meals.
Please check the website for updates. If you have any questions please contact the food services office.