P-EBT Information

Elementary student enjoying lunch

KSDE and Kansas DCF are working to distribute Pandemic-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer or P-EBT) which is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) program designed to provide cash benefits on an EBT card to be used to purchase food.  This program is in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  The purpose of the program is to provide benefits to children on free and reduced price meals who lost access to food due to school closures and adjusted schedules during the 2020-2021 school year.  P-EBT amounts are based on school level (elementary, middle and high) and the number of days each level was in remote learning as a result of a district based decision.  P-EBT benefits would not be distributed for days students were remote due to a parent based decision.

Currently, DCF has distributed P-EBT to families who were directly certified to receive assistance as of May 7th, 2021 through a families existing EBT card.  If a family cannot locate its P-EBT card the family will need to contact www.ebtEDGE.com FIS Customer Service 1-800-997-6666. 

Food Services continued to directly certify families with a final list being submitted on June 30th, 2021.  For families that directly certified after May 7th, they will be given a unique identifier to apply.  

Food Services will be notifying households who qualify for free and reduced price meals for SY2020-2021 on how to access the DCF service portal using their student's unique identifier.  The DCF service portal will be open July 12th through August 31, 2021.  Food Services can assist families with questions regarding their unique identifier.  Questions regarding the DCF service portal and other P-EBT questions should be directed to DCF at 1-888-369-4777 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.  

Food Services sent emails on July 9th to households who qualified for P-EBT. 

PEBT Application Instructions