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Meal Prices

It is the expectation that students and staff will have money on their food service account or cash to purchase meals or ala carte items.  A meal will be provided to all students regardless of the money they have on their account.  This meal will have the necessary items/components as defined by USDA regulations for the meal to be reimbursable.   Students can use their food service account or cash to purchase items in the cafeteria by entering their student ID number on the PIN pad to make the purchase from their account.

The student may receive one breakfast and one lunch daily at the student meal price. Second student meals are not allowed.

2022-2023 Breakfast and Lunch Prices:























Meal and A la Carte Prices

Below is a chart to help parents calculate how much to add to a student's account to cover the cost of a meal.


Meal Payments and Negative Balances

Payments to student food service account can be made by check or cash at the school, credit card online through E-Funds (fee) or by calling the Food Service office - 913-993-9710 -with a credit card (no fee). 

Households will receive automated phone calls for low account balances when the account falls below $8.00 for full price and $2.00 for reduced priced meals.

Account balances (positive or negative) will follow the student each year within the district.

When an account is -$75.00, Food Service staff will reach out by phone or email alerting the household that without payment the account will be turned over to the collection agency.

On December 1st and again on June 1st, any account that is $-75.00 or more, a letter will be sent to households requesting payment. If payment is not received within 30 days, the account will be turned over to the district business office and submitted to the district collections agency. Once the account is turned over to collections, the account will reset to $0.00.

Click Here to see board policy EE regarding student food service account guidelines

Parents can use SchoolCafé.com/SHAWNEEMISSION to 

  • Apply/check status of meal benefit application - Instructions - English / Spanish
  • View child’s account balance and purchases
  • Set limits for ala carte purchases
  • Set reminders for low account balances
  • View menus with nutrient, ingredient and allergen information

A la CarteIn addition to meals, students may purchase additional food & beverages using their food service account.  To purchase a la carte, money must be on account or cash in hand.  Students and staff will not be allowed to charge a la carte items.  Click Here to see a list of a la carte options.  Since we follow federal guidance for our school meals, all menus have been analyzed to meet the calorie and nutrient as well as the food component requirements. As part of the well-balanced meals that meet these requirements, some items offered may not meet the ‘Smart Snacks in Schools’ standards. This means that some items may only be available with a school meal and not purchased a la carte. 

Schoolcafe Website

Monitor student meal accounts by visiting SchoolCafé. You’ll need to set up username and password (Instructions English / Spanish). There are multiple benefits to this new software including the ability to:

  • Apply for meal benefits (free and reduced) - instructions English / Spanish
  • Check status of meal benefits application and view/print meal benefit notifications
  • View Menus with nutrient and allergen information
  • View your child's account balance anytime.
  • See exactly what a la carte items are being purchased.
  • Set limits on a la carte purchases.

E Funds

E funds can be used to add money to your student's meal account for meals and a la carte purchases. 

In eFunds, select Optional Fees in order to add money to student meal accounts.


Request a refund of your student's account balance by completing our online request form -Refund Request Form