Immunizations & Physicals

student getting immunizations
  • All students attending Shawnee Mission schools must show proof of having received one of each of the required vaccinations. 
  • Students have 60 days to receive subsequent doses of required immunizations after starting school.
  • Students who are non-compliant with immunizations after 60 days will be excluded from school attendance until written documentation of required immunizations is received.
  • Written documentation of vaccinations must be from a medical provider, health department, or school.
  • Students who are medically or religiously exempt from immunizations may not be allowed to attend school if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease for which they are not immunized.

Kansas State Immunization Requirements K.A.R. 28-1-20 defines immunizations required for any individual who attends school or early childhood programs operated by a school. See also the Kansas Certificate of Immunization form: 

Legal alternatives to immunizations include:
Medical Exemption (Form B) completed annually by a licensed physician or Religious Exemption letter signed by a parent/guardian stating that the student is adherent to religious beliefs opposing vaccination.  If you choose not to vaccinate: Information from Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


Students less than 9 years of age entering a Kansas school for the first time must present a health assessment (physical) in accordance with Kansas Statute 72-5214. 

SMSD Physical Assessment Form

Note:  Sports Physicals can be found on the SMSD Athletics page.