Student Wellness

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Wellness Policy Update

The wellness committee is comprised of students, parents, principals, teachers, and other district staff. Each year the committee meets to assess the progress and fine tune the goals of the district wellness policy. In a continued effort to provide a consistent message for the health of our students, the wellness committee has approved the following wellness plan for 2018-2019.


  • District will have no carbonated sodas or energy drinks available to students (a la carte, vending, school stores, fundraising).
  • All schools will follow the ‘Smart Snacks in Schools’ guidelines for a la carte, vending and fundraising items.
  • All schools will allow and encourage students to have individual water bottles in the classroom.
  • Teachers and parents are provided with information on healthy options for classroom rewards, parties and celebrations.
  • All food/beverage items provided to students must be labeled by the manufacturer. Fresh fruits/vegetables do not need a label.
  • No foods or beverages will be provided/sold in competition with food service during the meal serving times. In addition, food cannot be ordered for delivery to the school during the school day for student consumption.
  • Food Services will provide nutrition education materials through the district website at
  • Food Services will work with schools to evaluate and increase participation in the After School Snack Program.
  • Food service staff will use positive communication cues with students to promote consumption of foods served as part of Child

Nutrition Programs

  • Encourage schools to allow students to have at least 20 minutes ‘seat time’ to eat lunch not including time spent walking to/from class or waiting in line.

Nutrition Promotion and Education

  • PTA and schools will be encouraged to provide nutrition education to students through a variety of activities involving the development of healthy eating.
  • Schools will be encouraged to explore grant opportunities from different organizations to support healthy education.
  • Curriculum and Instruction Department will educate staff on healthy eating options and ways to integrate nutrition education into instruction (example: including healthier recipes when food is prepared by students in FACS classes).
  • Schools will encourage staff to discuss with students the nutrition education materials displayed in the dining areas.
  • Schools will be encouraged to have at least one school-wide interactive event that is either centered on nutrition or contains nutrition as a main component. (Go Healthy Challenge, Health Fairs, Family Night, Body Venture)
  • District wellness coordinator will offer opportunities to staff on healthy lifestyle options.
  • District will allow marketing (oral, written or graphics) of only those foods and beverages sold on the school campus during the school day that meet the requirements set forth in the Smart Snacks Rule.
  • The Health Services Department and Wellness Coordinator will provide resources for marketing and advertising of nutritious foods and beverages to students. This will be implemented consistently through a comprehensive and multi-channel approach by school staff, teachers, parents, students and the community. (1-2-3-4-5 Fit-Tastic!)

Physical Activity

  • Curriculum and Instruction Department will provide information to schools to increase awareness of brain based research of physical activity.
  • Building staff will be encouraged to create opportunities for periodic movement in the classroom and throughout the school day (including Jammin’ Minutes).
  • District will continue to offer intramurals at middle schools.
  • Wellness Coordinator and Health Service Coordinator will communicate with cities to complete an assessment on walking and/or biking to school to determine safety and feasibility (Safe routes to school).

Integrated School Based Wellness

  • Health Services Coordinator and Wellness Coordinator will work collaboratively to implement CDC’s ‘Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child’ initiative
  • The wellness committee is part of a district well-being team that meets at least once per quarter.

2017-2018 Committee Members
District Staff – Dr. Rick Atha, Joan Leavens, Todd Dain, Heath Sigg, Kristen Jones, Richard Kramer, Dr. Darren Dennis, Shelby Rebeck, Tammie McCoy, Jill Funk

Parents/Community – Nicole Brown, Laura Cooper, Donna Field Martin, Celeste Kirmer, Lisa Hughes, Christina Lavery

Students – members determined by high school and middle school principle

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