Negotiations 2020-21

April 22, 2020 Joint Statement from SMSD and NEA-SM regarding 2020-21 Negotiations

SMSD and NEA-SM will be engaging in interest-based bargaining to reach a negotiated agreement for the 2020-21 school year. In conformance with the IBB process, SMSD and NEASM will issue joint statements throughout negotiations to keep the public informed about the status of negotiations. The purpose of this first joint statement is to provide information about the negotiation meeting schedule. The parties previously had agreed to engage in an all-day IBB training session on April 29, and then to begin negotiations in early May. With the extension of the Kansas City stay-at-home order through May 15, the parties agree that it is prudent not to conduct in-person meetings until after May 15. Accordingly, we have rescheduled the IBB training and will begin negotiations in mid-May. Notice of the meeting dates will be published after we have finalized the schedule.

You may download a copy of the joint statement here.