Fact-Finding Update
The Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) and the National Education Association - Shawnee Mission (NEA-SM), who are currently still negotiating a contract for certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year, engaged in a fact-finding session with a neutral fact finder, selected jointly by the two parties. SMSD and NEA-SM both presented information about the issues that are still under discussion between the two parties. This presentation follows individual sessions that SMSD and NEA-SM had with the fact finder in early December.

The fact finder will take the information from all of these presentations and present a report on recommendations to both parties in about a week. After that report is received, SMSD and NEA-SM will sit down again for another negotiation session, to see if they can come to agreement on a contract. If that bargaining session is unsuccessful, the Shawnee Mission Board of Education will make the final decision on a contract.

If you are interested in watching the fact-finding session, you can view it here.

Following mediation, the next step in the process is to go to “Fact Finding.” The two parties work together to choose a fact finder, who will set a time and place for a fact-finding hearing.

During that hearing, the fact finder will take testimony from the district and the union, examine documents and ask questions of witnesses. Once the hearing is complete, the fact finder will issue a report and recommendations to the two parties. The district and the union are currently in the fact finding stage.

The Shawnee Mission School District presented the following document to the Fact Finder on November 26, 2019 in preparation for the January 9, 2020 Fact Finding hearing. 
Pre-Hearing Brief of Board of Education of Shawnee Mission School District U.S.D. NO. 512, Johnson County, Kansas

The following response was presented to the Fact Finder on December 10, 2019 as a response to NEA-SM’s Fact Finding document. 
Pre-Hearing Reply Brief of the Board of Education of Shawnee Mission School District U.S.D. NO. 512, Johnson County, Kansas