2021 Bond: Upgrades for Secondary School Facilities

2021 Bond: Upgrades for Secondary School Facilities
Shawnee Mission School District

Whether they are in the Class of 2021, 2032, or well beyond, we want all students to achieve their full potential.

Shawnee Mission’s bond referendum, which will be placed before voters in January 2021, was proposed with that in mind. The goal is that Shawnee Mission will continue to be ranked among the finest school districts in the nation, employing exceptional educators who work in state-of-the-art facilities --- all to help students be successful.

A significant portion of this bond proposal includes upgrades that will be made to all Shawnee Mission middle and high schools . Click here to watch a video which details the upgrades.

You can see outlines of what is proposed in each of the district feeder patterns here:  

Shawnee Mission East area

Shawnee Mission North area

Shawnee Mission Northwest area

Shawnee Mission South area

Shawnee Mission West area

(An outline of projects proposed district-wide can be found here).

The most significant upgrades to middle and high schools include classroom furniture replacement, learning space upgrades, and renovations to restrooms to better address privacy. Upgrades are also proposed at Horizons High School and the district’s Career and Technical Campus (CTC). Both are facilities that provide opportunities to students from across the district.

These proposed upgrades were identified as a result of a multi-year process, which included professional assessments and evaluations, Strategic Plan adoption and action team work, Facilities forums conducted across the district, engagement from a finance and facilities committee, and a community-wide survey.  

Expanded space and a variety of furniture options in the classroom helps the teaching and learning experience, according to Maddee Trepp, Westridge Middle School special education teacher.

“It allows students to get to get to know who they are as learners and where they learn best and it helps those conversations come about between teachers and students,” she noted.

Furniture replacement and learning space upgrades will help secondary schools better accommodate changes in teaching styles that are currently taking place, noted Connie Springfield, associate principal at Shawnee Mission Northwest. Shawnee Mission is committed to preparing students for college and careers, and a traditional classroom setup, featuring desks in rows, probably does not reflect the realities of most future work environments, she shared.

“Teaching is done more now in a style of students collaborating and creating more projects and learning in more of a real-world model,” Springfield noted. “This provides an additional opportunity to experience more of what they will face in the future.”

An aspect parent Brian Lowry noticed when reflecting on upgraded learning spaces is the advantage of students having the opportunity to work in small groups and learn in larger groups.

“It’s similar to what we see in the business world,” he shared. “This is another example of where we have the opportunity to support teachers, administrators, and most importantly our students to help improve the quality of education they are receiving.”

To Learn More:

Watch SMSD LIVE, featuring community questions about the bond, by clicking here.

December 28 is the last day to register to vote. For ballot information, click here.

Learn more about the 2021 Bond by visiting smsd.org/bond-2021