Broken Arrow Student Publishes Book, Plans Film with Classmate

Broken Arrow Student Publishes Book, Plans Film with Classmate
Shawnee Mission School District

The next, big animated blockbuster might be coming from Broken Arrow Elementary this summer.

This production is inspired by the recently published book, “The Amazing Adventures of Myrtle Power,” written by fourth-grader Brooks Worf.

It is an original story about a dog who becomes a superhero and does her best to keep her family and friends safe. Worf’s dog, Myrtle, inspired the story. A life goal to become the youngest published author helped motivate Worf to write.

“Writing is a good way to express your ideas and be creative,” Worf said. “I like that you can do something with it. It’s not just trying to keep the reader interested. You get to keep on using your imagination.”

As the published book was released, students in his class took time to read about Myrtle’s adventures. Fourth-grade teacher Andrea Izard said she was impressed by the initiative and drive Worf had to publish the book. The enthusiasm caught on in the classroom.

“The students were highly interested in Myrtle,” Izard shared. “Myrtle has been a character that many of them were familiar with and would appear in other assignments, so everyone was excited to see what she was up to next.”

It wasn’t long before Worf and his classmate, Caleb Krob, who is known in the classroom for his strong coding abilities, started talking about animating the movie.

“I liked the book because it has action and some movies are based off of action,” Krob shared.

Krob and Worf made plans to animate the Myrtle book over the summer.

Though previous movie productions have not been as successful, Krob said he has determination to keep going.

 “It takes a lot of hard work to make a movie, but I’m telling myself I can do this,” Krob shared. “I know how to troubleshoot now.”

Now that this Myrtle book is published, Worf shared he has six other book ideas in the works. He hopes one day to possibly enter a career in movies or computer animation and hopes to inspire other young people to write books.

“If any other young authors want to write a book I would tell them to keep writing and use your imagination,” he expressed.