Civil Engineering, Architecture Students Present to Professional Panel

Civil Engineering, Architecture Students Present to Professional Panel
Shawnee Mission School District

This spring, Civil Engineering and Architecture Signature Program students presented their visions for city development before a panel of professionals.

Using architecture software, they developed and presented designs for housing and commercial development to a panel of experts and stakeholders.  Each design was developed with community interest and quality of life in mind.

Their various design suggestions included a farmers market, playground, parking, apartments, and commercial space.  Upon conclusion of each team presentation, the panel of experts provided feedback regarding the design.

“Given a short eight weeks the students spent on the project, I was very impressed with the quality of design work presented,” Greg Thiel, Civil Engineering and Architecture teacher shared.

The opportunity to develop a plan about a real space helped change the way junior design student David Pearcy thinks about engineering, he shared.

"Being able to use the software that professionals use, applying that into a real world issue, and receiving professional feedback has elevated my learning experience,” he added.  “I have never been more sure about my career path. I wish all my high school learning was like this.”

The design presentations are an example of a client-connected project, part of the district’s Real World Learning initiative, as they centered on ideas for property located at 34th and Prospect.

The Kansas City Design Center provided information and research to help students develop their design, including a Prospect Avenue Nodal Study called “Prospect Re.”  The information in the study was shared with design professionals throughout the region to encourage thoughtful development, collaboration, and creation of affordable housing and commercial development along the Prospect corridor. 

"Presenting about our buildings in front of engineering professionals was an incredibly helpful experience I will definitely rely on in my future college and professional career,” junior student and presenter, Lucy Harrison shared. “It gave me a taste of what it would actually be like to be a civil engineer or architect; not just designing buildings, but presenting them to the client.”