District Launches Data Dashboard

District Launches Data Dashboard
Shawnee Mission School District

SMSD has launched a COVID-19 data dashboard, available to the public via the district website.  

The Data Dashboard can be found on this page.

The purpose of the reporting tool is to share data publicly and help inform the community of the extent of positive cases resulting in isolation and quarantine currently impacting the Shawnee Mission School District.

Superintendent Mike Fulton expressed appreciation for the support and guidance from public health partners in the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment. The data reported on the website will follow the guidance from the county regarding data privacy. In the event of instances where our weekly reports share fewer than 6 cases in a data set, the data will not be reported, in order to protect individual confidentiality. In these cases, a logo will appear denoting a number too small to report.

The data dashboard will provide a high-level picture of active cases in the district learning community. Data will be reported based on a weekly snapshot of active positive cases in isolation, as well as exposures in quarantine. The data is broken out by student and staff numbers, and also shares the identified location of exposures based on community, school, extracurricular, or unknown location.

We hope the data picture over time will engage our community in helping to follow mitigating measures so that our schools may continue to serve students in hybrid, until community numbers fall to a level where we can return to in-person learning.