Earn Your High School Diploma and Enroll in Project Finish

Earn Your High School Diploma and Enroll in Project Finish
Shawnee Mission School District

At a time of making new year’s resolutions, several in our community rang in 2021 having tackled a big life goal. They did so with help from Project Finish.  

Since its launch in late 2019, 20 students have graduated from this Shawnee Mission School District’s adult diploma completion program. Students have also completed 158 classes.  Some of the program graduates are now in college, while others found better-paying jobs that required a high school diploma. 

Enrollment takes place ALL year.  Please call 913-993-9563 for more information or click on this link to initiate the enrollment process.

In order to be eligible for Project Finish, students must be:

·      a Kansas resident

·      at least 18 years of age

·      past their original high school graduation date

Students must have access to their own computer, the internet, and Google Chrome to participate in the program. Make 2021 a great year by completing your high school diploma! 

Karina Montiel is a mom with three kids, who has devoted her life to them. She finally decided to pursue her own dreams and finish high school. Montiel wants to be role model for her children and show them they can do anything.  

Montiel shared she enjoys the flexibility to do her classes in the comfort of her own home and at her own pace.  Project Finish requires students to complete one class a month, but that is plenty of time, Montiel reassures.

Montiel also appreciates having a dedicated Project Finish Teacher. She shares that Sarah Finocchario, Project Finish teacher, is always there when she needs help and never disappoints. “When I don't understand or get stuck on something, she always helps me and encourages me not to give up even when I want to,” Montiel shared.

Montiel plans to attend community college to study to be a real estate agent after she earns her high school diploma.

Catherin Turner graduated from Project Finish and received her diploma in December 2020. Turner, a mother of three, was four credits shy of her high school diploma. As her 12-year-old daughter talked about wanting to be a doctor, Turner realized telling her daughter how important completing school and good grades were rang false if she didn’t have her own diploma.

With a strong support system and an ambitious goal, Turner completed eight classes in two months. Her three children are part of her support system and her five-year-old will remind the other siblings that “mommy is doing her schoolwork,” so they don’t bother her.

Turner recommends Project Finish with the advice, that you get what you put into it and Finocchario, was another important part of her support system. Finocchario was always available to answer questions and even helped when Turner was having internet difficulties.

After graduating Turner may look for a job with the school district and wants to eventually pursue a career in pharmacy work.