Happy Winter Break, SMSD!

Happy Winter Break, SMSD!
Shawnee Mission School District

We wish a wonderful winter break to our Shawnee Mission School District community. 2020 has turned into a year that none of us will ever forget. We have experienced a lot we probably never imagined could happen, and have come through more than our fair share of challenges.
Still, there were numerous examples of SMSD strength. Our staff spent countless hours reorganizing, adapting, and changing in order to ensure student needs were met, moments of connection with students were made, and to ensure learning could continue. Thank you to everyone in the SMSD, and in the Shawnee Mission community, who demonstrated care and compassion for SMSD students and staff.
We will continue to act in ways that build an even brighter future for every student. Early in 2021, our community will have an opportunity to vote on a bond issue designed to address that goal.
To learn more about the bond referendum, visit https://www.smsd.org/bond-2021.
When reflecting on 2020, please take some time to think of moments when our community demonstrated it was SMSD Strong. We wish everyone a happy winter break and even a happier 2021.