Lenexa Hills Lions Help School with ROARs

Lenexa Hills Lions Help School with ROARs
Shawnee Mission School District

Students at Lenexa Hills have been learning about and sharing how they work to be Respectful, Open-Minded, Always Kind, and Responsible. In other words, they are showing how they ROAR. Their communitywide effort led to school support and a school-spirited reward from their principal.

Lions representing all ages shared videos and artwork highlighting how they work to make their school a positive and safe place. Students highlighted their ROAR examples like following directions, having a positive attitude, and helping friends.

As students engaged in sharing their ROARs, the Lenexa Hills PTA tied the sharing of examples to a virtual fundraiser.  Wanting to incentivize the fundraiser, Principal Mike Brewer offered that if a certain amount was raised, he would paint himself blue and yellow.

This December, students, families and staff achieved their fundraising goal, which will support outdoor learning spaces and some science equipment in order to enhance lessons and increase student engagement.

Brewer said he hopes the schoolwide activity helped students to develop a deeper sense of empowerment in what they can do as a team.

“I want them to have a sense of pride and ownership since we are making great things happen by working together as we accomplish important work,” Brewer shared. “Everyone matters when it comes to finding our voice.’”