Moving Forward SMSD Strong: Meet Future Superintendent Dr. Michelle Hubbard

Moving Forward SMSD Strong: Meet Future Superintendent Dr. Michelle Hubbard
Shawnee Mission School District

Dr. Michelle Hubbard has been unanimously approved by the Board of Education to become the next Superintendent of the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD). She will officially assume this role on July 1, 2021, bringing with her long-standing connections to the community and district schools.

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Dr. Hubbard is a 17-year resident of the district, and is a parent of Shawnee Mission students. She has served for six years in the district as an associate superintendent, and was appointed deputy superintendent in January 2021.

 “I am honored to be chosen to serve as the Superintendent of the Shawnee Mission School District,” Hubbard told the Board of Education as her appointment was announced. “I am deeply committed to our current and future success.”

 While she knows many in our community, Hubbard shared that she looks forward to meeting and interacting with more staff, students, and community members every day. She is committed to carrying out the work of the district’s strategic plan, fostering and strengthening relationships, cultivating a strong district culture, and continuing to build collaborative and high-performing academic and administrative teams.

 “We have a rich tradition of excellence and a strong community, which we saw in the recent bond approval,” Hubbard shared.  “Our community stepped up and demonstrated how much they value education. Together, we will continue to make SMSD strong.”

 Board Approval  

 The Board of Education announced and unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Hubbard as the new superintendent on Monday, February 22, 2021.  

(The announcement and Board of Education comments can be viewed here, starting at 2:37:27)

 Referencing the strategic plan, Board President Heather Ousley thanked Dr. Hubbard for “stepping onto the track and taking the relay forward.” Ousley noted Dr. Hubbard was instrumental in the formation of the strategic plan, from the point when it was first developed by the strategic planning steering committee.

 “You are intimately familiar with what our community’s goals are and how to get us there,” Ousley shared. “I appreciate Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton brought us to this point. I look forward to working with you in the years to come as we move forward toward meeting those goals.”

 Dr. Hubbard will replace outgoing superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton, who announced his retirement in December, 2020. Dr. Fulton is in his third year as superintendent. Dr. Fulton and Hubbard have committed to working closely together through the remainder of this school year in preparation for the transition and to ensure the stable, ongoing implementation of the strategic plan.