Pawnee Panthers Party with Pumpkins

Pawnee Panthers Party with Pumpkins
Shawnee Mission School District

On Oct. 2, as elementary schools prepared for a transition to welcome Hybrid students, Pawnee Elementary invited families for a Fall Harvest Block Party.

After students attended an online class meeting, they were invited to stop by the school to visit the school to pick up some resources so families could complete fall activities and take photos at a school photo booth.

The goal was to create a day of fun and learning for the community, Nicole Bivens, Pawnee PTA President said. The event was designed to promote togetherness, since the school slogan this year is “Together We Can,” while also ensuring safety for all who attended.

“This has been a hard time for everyone and we hope this allowed each family a small break from the schedule while still providing learning opportunities for students,” Bivens said.

Families picked up pumpkins and were given a series of math, reading, and science activities to complete.

For example, to practice math skills, students could measure the pumpkin’s height, weight, and circumference or estimate how many seeds are in the pumpkin and then count the seeds. For reading, students could check out a book from the Pawnee library to read about a pumpkin and then discuss the setting, characters, and season. To incorporate science, one suggestion was to make a prediction as to whether a pumpkin could float and test the hypothesis.

Having some time to help build relationships and provide inexpensive activities for families to do at home was a win-win opportunity, principal Jennifer Woolever said.

“We want our community to know that we are here and we will continue to do our best to support them,” she shared.