Preparing for Remote Learning

East Antioch Staff
Shawnee Mission School District

As teachers prepare for the start of the school year, many will dedicate the first semester to teaching in the Remote Learning Model or SMSD Connect. Educators have been given additional time for professional learning and collaboration before the first day of school. They also have some new resources including Canvas, a learning management system, and time to participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

Tara Franz, a fifth grade, who will serve as an In-Person teacher at East Antioch, selected the Remote Learning Model for her two children, who are in first and fourth grade. “I saw first-hand the expansive work our curriculum team undertook this summer, Franz noted.  “I am confident that their planning and effort will translate to a robust and interactive curriculum for my children.”

“I was pleased the district allowed us to choose the remote teaching option,” Krissondra Rydzel, fourth grade SMSD Connect teacher, shared. Rydzel was motivated after last year to find resources and techniques that would be successful for students and their families. Rydzel has been collaborating with colleagues across the country to prepare for remote learning. Several of her friends who have started their school year shared virtual icebreakers to connect with students and help students connect with each other.

At the secondary level, most educators will be teaching at least one section remotely. Math teachers at South are collaborating on best practices.

“I see the remote learning model as an opportunity for my quieter students to participate more and additional flexibility with small group learning and interactions,” Andrea Dale said. “Remote learning is providing valuable life and career skills to our high school students.”

“I have learned so much during our transition to remote learning, I feel this experience makes me a better teacher,” Molly Fast shared.

Teachers are taking part in professional learning through September 4 to prepare for students on the first day of school.