Rosehill Pre-Kindergartners Get Their Gardens Growing

Rosehill Pre-Kindergartners Get Their Gardens Growing
Shawnee Mission School District

Rosehill Pre-Kindergarten teacher Bridgette Fullington is helping students find ways to grow, no matter their learning environment.

Prior to the start of hybrid learning, Fullington invited students to kick off the fall season by visiting their school garden. The visit provided time for families to safely schedule an in-person visit and obtain materials for their own take-home garden.  Students planted their take-home gardens using pots, seeds and soil provided by Kansas City Community Gardens and the Broadmoor Urban Farm.

The take-home gardens will contribute to be a part of weekly class lessons. Students will observe and discuss daily growth. They also will learn about root growth, the importance of soil, sun, and water.  Eventually, the school garden will also serve up some edible treats for students and their family members.

Fullington shared that the students were excited to see their outdoor space and be a contributor to the class garden. 

While visiting their outdoor learning space, each student contributed to clearing leaves in their outdoor area. They were also invited to take a ‘Big Book Walking Tour’ around the Rosehill grounds. Fullington created the ‘Big Book Tour’ using a familiar class storybook, with each page spaced several feel apart, at the students eye level, allowing them to explore and enjoy the book.

In the coming weeks, the class will learn more about pumpkins, using pumpkins grown at the district Broadmoor Urban Farm.  Future plans include working closely with the Bistro Urban Farm to learn more about sustainability, composability, and how to grow what you eat.