School Stops at Roesland and Trailridge

School Stops at Roesland and Trailridge
Shawnee Mission School District

There are all kinds of examples across the district of learning reimagined in a remote learning setting. Here are just a few examples on some recent school visits across the SMSD:

At Roesland:

  • In art class, students created their artwork along with their teacher step-by-step using a document camera.
  • Teachers and sixth-grade students talked about rights and responsibilities when creating digital content for their classes.
  • Kindergartners practiced rhyming words and drawing letters with their fingers along with their teacher. In another class of kindergartners, students discussed the days of the week with their teacher.

At Trailridge:

  • Students in Spanish class were studying new vocabulary and recording themselves saying the words for their teacher to listen.
  • Students and teachers were holding discussions, engaging in feedback, and making preparations for upcoming quizzes.
  • There was a social studies discussion about how to determine the difference between an advertisement or a news article.
  • Performing Arts students mirrored their teacher’s actions as part of committing to their classroom intentions for the day.

Our teachers, students, families, and community members continue to be #SMSDStrong! Share your pictures and stories of learning in action with us here: