Shawnee Mission Educator Honored By State World Language Association

Shawnee Mission Educator Honored By State World Language Association
Shawnee Mission School District

The Kansas State World Language Association (KSWLA) is honoring Leigh Rysko, Shawnee Mission South Spanish teacher, as the 2020 Kansas World Language Association (KSWLA) Teacher of the Year.

“This is a very high honor,” Heather Potter, KSWLA past president stated in a press release. “We are very proud to have Leigh as a member in the field of world languages.”

Each year KSWLA awards a Teacher of the Year, recognizing outstanding attributes in the field of teaching languages. Candidates are Kansas foreign language educators who make significant contributions in their field. 

Rysko’s success and contributions in world language teaching includes numerous years of coordinating and chaperoning student trips to Spain, France, Italy, and Mexico. Rysko is a dedicated leader in the Amigos de Las Americas program, encouraging and supporting students participating in the Amigos program, allowing them a stronger connection and continued learning about culture and community. 

“Leigh is a teacher and colleague who is compassionate, intuitive, and cares about education,” Annie Hasan, shared with KSWLA.

Rysko serves as the department chair of the SM South world language department.  In addition, Rysko serves as a mentor teacher, along with recently presenting at the Kansas National Education Association’s (KNEA) Racial and Social Justice Summit.

The KSWLA executive council wrote “Leigh Rysko is very deserving of this award and we are proud of their hard work and dedication to their profession, to their students, and to building life-long lovers and learners of world languages.”