Shawnee Mission Recognizes Performing and Visual Creativity During Arts in Education Week

Shawnee Mission Recognizes Performing and Visual Creativity During Arts in Education Week
Shawnee Mission School District

The second Sunday in September marks the start of Arts in Education week across the United States. The year is just getting started, but students and families will see the many ways arts educators have worked to help students continue to learn and create even in a remote setting, Abby Howe, visual arts coordinator said. We invite teachers, students, and families to share examples of what they are creating here. Click here to share your SMSD Stories.

To share a couple of examples - many teachers have provided take-home art supply kits to ensure students receive equitable learning opportunities and have created online galleries to provide an authentic audience and recognition for student effort, Howe noted.

“Many art teachers have volunteered their leadership and collaborative nature by modeling how learning can be personalized and interactive on Canvas and virtually,” Howe added. “The Shawnee Mission School District art teachers make up an incredibly hard-working and dedicated group who is committed to providing the highest quality education for students.”

Performing arts staff continue to develop numerous methods to ensure the learning experiences, rehearsal, and performance can continue safely. Some performing arts educators have helped students perform in virtual ensembles and in virtual plays as they learn remotely, to share a couple of examples. 

“It has been amazing to watch our music staff develop creative ways in which to engage our students,” Bill Thomas, performing arts coordinator said. “While the pandemic is forcing all of us out of our comfort zones, it is sparking a high level of creativity and collaboration.  During the back-to-school professional learning days, the degree of excitement amongst the staff as they created lessons together was both infectious and exhilarating.”