Shawnee Mission School District Musicians Perform at KMEA

Shawnee Mission School District Musicians Perform at KMEA
Shawnee Mission School District

Shawnee Mission School District students across the district will join musicians throughout the state to perform at the 2021 Virtual Kansas Music Educators Association (KMEA) In-Service Workshop.

Auditions were a bit different this year, as students auditioned by video at the district level. Those with top scores were then eligible to audition at the state level via audio only. 

Musicians auditioned and earned the opportunity to perform in a variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles.

Here is a list of Shawnee Mission School District students who will perform in KMEA ensembles, choirs, orchestra, and bands:

Middle School Honor Choir

Indian Hills: Stephen Bubb, Wyatt Moon, Emory Naylor, Gray Sullivan

Indian Woods: Ian Dodson, Katie Hull, Chet Salsbury

Westridge: Will Bender, Maddox Cranford, Kailah Espy, Hank Gloeb, Jaxon Hendrix,

Mallory Leib, Taylor Marksz, Caitlyn Middleton, Mario Narvaez, Kyndall Terrell,

Madison Theno


High School Mixed Choir

SM South: Daniel Koehn

SM West: Ella Barth, Joel Bollinger, Madeline Bollinger, Will Edeal,

Katie Johnson, Samantha Wallenburg, Zachary Wallenburg


High School Treble Choir

SM East: Iris Hannon

SM North: Naomi Hart, Raina Jackson, Olivia Morris, Emily Turner

SM Northwest: Lillian Bowen, Caitlin Sanders

SM West: Natalia Botello, Sydney Boyd, Faryn Clevenger, Kaitlyn Rongish,

Tania Smith


High School Orchestra

SM East: Valerie Hsiung - Violin

SM South: Maggie Holcomb - Violin, Sarah Wilson - Viola, Sylvia Brown – Cello,

Bryn Davis – Piccolo, Christopher Petrella – Trumpet, Jack LaVergne – Percussion

SM Northwest: Nathaniel Hollman – Trombone

SM East: Mac Muehlberger – Bassoon, Angelika Kline – B-flat Clarinet,

Henry Chamberlain – B-flat Clarinet, Aaron Fischer – Bass Clarinet

SM North: Anahi Silva – Flute

SM Northwest: Peder Thomas – Flute, Dylan Reed – Oboe, Gentry Gardner – Alto Saxophone,

Grant Johnson – Euphonium

SM South: Anna James – Flute, Laura Bogner – Flute, Jay Selzer – Bassoon,

Dorian Sanders – Trombone, Emma Krueger – Trombone, Lloyd Dodson – Tuba,

Alexander Johannes – Percussion

SM West: Victoria Major – Piccolo alternate, Elena Straus – Flute, Tess Coltvet – B-flat Clarinet


High School Jazz Ensemble

SM South: Andrea Edwards – Baritone Saxophone and Matt Engleman - Trombone