Students Learn from Pen Pals in Spain

Students Learn from Pen Pals in Spain
Shawnee Mission School District

Students from SM South and students from Spain have been helping each other learn language skills in online interactions this year.

SM South Spanish 3 students have been corresponding via email with pen pals and recently met their overseas friends in an online video chat. Instructor Leigh Rysko helped connect the students, who were able to select a pen pal by viewing a brief summary of activities and hobbies.

The pen pals communicated mostly via email in both Spanish and English as they got to know each other. Rysko then set up a video interaction with all students to meet one another and practice speaking with one another. 

Senior Cynthia Herman, said it was an exciting experience, sharing that her Spanish reading and writing skills have improved this year. Most of all, she noted she gained confidence in her speaking abilities. 

"My brain usually thinks in English words, but it is starting to think in Spanish words too,” Herman shared.  “I think overall, getting a pen pal has been my favorite part of Spanish class because it has deepened my appreciation of Spanish culture and has made me want to continue my Spanish journey, even after high school.”