Today is National Custodial Workers Day

Shawnee Mission School District

Today we ask for a round of applause for everyone who provides custodial support and services across the Shawnee Mission School District.

Today, Oct. 2, is National Custodial Workers Day.

Shawnee Mission custodians work year-round to make sure our schools continue to be safe and clean environments for teaching and learning. From the rooftops to desktops to school interiors and exteriors, they serve so facilities can be well-maintained points of pride for our entire community. As they support and serve every student and staff member in the building, custodians are often a familiar face in school communities, encouraging students and offering whatever support is needed throughout the day.

Shawnee Mission School District custodial team members have worked extremely hard over the last several months to prepare district buildings for this unique school year, Judd Remmers, custodial coordinator said.

“Our custodial staff has embraced flexibility and key program changes as we work to ensure a safe and clean learning environment for students and staff,” Remmers said.  “National Custodian Day is a fantastic way to recognize our custodial staff for all their hard work!”