Mill Creek Elementary Second Graders Perform Curriculum Musical

Mill Creek Elementary Second Graders Perform Curriculum Musical
Shawnee Mission School District

Mill Creek Elementary second graders performed Journey Into Outer Space, a musical from Quaver, which is their new elementary music curriculum.  Aimee Hirsch, Music Teacher, shared excitement to be performing for a live audience once again. The musical was packed with exciting and educational songs, movement, and fun for the audience.

Second grader and performer, Jaylin, shared, “I liked the musical and the songs because I was able to learn all of the planets names.”

Students learned about all of the planets in the solar system throughout the show.  Hirsch shares that all students can now name all of the planets in order thanks to the ‘Planet Rap’ song. 

The musical curriculum presented cross curricular opportunities with the students creating art work for their show and creating their own planets with original names and characteristics.  A song about Pluto no longer being classified as a planet, sparked students curiosity about how small is too small to be considered a planet.  The students were able to use their library class time to research planets and satisfy their curiosity.

The ‘Planet Rap’ song was my favorite and I liked learning about the planets” said Breckin, musical performer.
Andrew, student performer, said, “I had so much fun.” “I learned about Pluto and the music was good.”

The students presented during the school day to 1st graders and 4th graders.  First graders will be doing the musical next year and the current fourth graders are the last group that performed live over the past two years. The performance was presented for parents in the evening.