National Custodian Recognition Day is Oct. 2

National Custodian Recognition Day is Oct. 2
Shawnee Mission School District

On October 2nd, National Custodial Recognition Day encourages appreciation to the employees who keep our schools running strong. Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) custodians work hard to keep us safe, provide clean, organized and well-maintained buildings for learning. Thank you for #KeepingSMSDStrong.

Delivering outstanding services, both inside and outside, SMSD team of custodians stay a step ahead of us to provide support for every student, staff member and all who enter the buildings.  Custodians are often the familiar face of our school community, encouraging students and offering whatever support is needed throughout the day.

Jeff Carson, Center for Academic Achievement Building Manager, has been with SMSD four years and shares that he appreciates the diversity his job provides, but mostly the gratification from helping others accomplish their jobs.  Jeff shares, “I like helping others and having them smile when I’ve been able to assist. I also enjoy the cleaning, fixing and repairing what I can because I know it is appreciated, makes a difference, and contributes to the overall success.”

Connie Marsh, custodian at Rushton Elementary, says the best part of her job is that the Rushton students and staff work together to help keep their rooms and building clean.  Connie shares, “I am fortunate to work at Rushton and grateful for my school community and their consideration of the custodians.” 

“Our custodial staff has embraced flexibility and key program changes as we work to ensure a safe and clean learning environment for students and staff,” Judd Remmers, Assistant Director of Facilities said.  “National Custodian Day is a fantastic way to recognize our custodial staff for all their hard work!”