PTA Citizenship Writing Award Winners Honored

PTA Citizenship Writing Award Winners Honored
Shawnee Mission School District

The Shawnee Mission Board of Education and Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) recognized student honorees from the PTA Citizenship Writing Program prior to the February 14 Board of Education meeting.

Using the theme, “I Will Make The World A Better Place By…” student entries were submitted in essay or poem form. 

During a reception, honorees were congratulated for their accomplishments in writing and presented with medals and journals to encourage future writings.

Award of Excellence winners have advanced to Kansas PTA for state judging. Those results will be announced in April.

The Citizenship Program is sponsored by Kansas PTA encouraging writing for students in fifth through 12th grade. The 2021-2022 statewide theme was submitted by Elizabeth Barnes, a student at Westridge Middle School. The Shawnee Mission Area Council PTA (SMAC PTA) leads the opportunity for students in the SMSD.

Here is a look at this year’s honorees:

Award of Excellence

Harper Fieser, Westwood View, 5th grade essay
Harper Weast, Tomahawk, 5th grade poem
Aiden Smith, Pawnee, 6th grade essay
Caroline Bowen, Westwood View, 6th grade poem
Ash Farris, Indian Hills, 7th grade essay
Gracie Carson, Indian Hills, 7th grade poem
Nathan Mestel, Westridge, 8th grade essay
Hannah Clark, Indian Woods, 8th grade poem
Lexie Johnson, SM South, 9th grade essay
Abby Dumont, SM South, 9th grade poem
Bryce Bean, SM West, 10th grade essay
William Siegel, SM South, 11th grade essay
Morgan Tate, SM Northwest, 11th grade poem
Jack Shaw, SM South, 12th grade essay
Campbell Wood, SM East, 12th grade poem

Award of Merit

Lyla Speicher, Belinder, 5th grade essay
Evelyn Stidham, Highlands, 5th grade poem
Aubrey Armour, Christa McAuliffe, 6th grade essay
Elijah Marquez, Santa Fe Trail, 6th grade poem