SM North NJROTC Opens Season with a Win

SM North NJROTC Opens Season with a Win
Shawnee Mission School District

At their first competition of the year, the Shawnee Mission North NJROTC earned first place overall and earned nine first-place finishes in a 10-event competition.

The Bison competed against seven schools from Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. Chief Warrant Officer Dennis Grayless says the secret to the team’s success has been the same for 17 years, which includes working hard every morning in the school gym. He said outworking the competition has led to the team’s success.

The Shawnee Mission North NJROTC has earned 38 national titles in a 16 year period.

“The group this year has accepted the responsibility of being a good person, good teammate, and a good citizen,” Grayless shared.

Here is a breakdown of competition results:

1st Place - Overall

1st Place – Personnel Inspection

1st Place – Armed Regulation Drill

1st Place – Armed Exhibition Drill

1st Place – Unarmed Regulation Drill

1st Place – Unarmed Exhibition Drill

1st Place – Color Guard

1st Place – Overall Athletics

1st Place – Push-Ups

1st Place – Sit-Ups

1st Place – 16 x 100 Shuttle Relay

3rd Place – Academics

Several students were also recognized with top 3 finishes in the areas of Academics and Athletics:


1st Place – Angel Arreola


1st Place – Sophia Porraz

2nd Place – Abigail Serling

3rd Place – Kayte Acosta


1st Place – Lucas McGriff

2nd Place – Jacob Needham


1st Place – Abigail Serling

2nd Place – Sabrina Dubois

3rd Place – Samantha Herron


1ST Place – Jacob Needham

2nd Place – Chaise Carrender

3rd Place – Lucas McGriff


Shawnee Mission North will host an athletic challenge on Saturday, Nov. 13.