SMSD Students Featured in Youth Art Month Exhibit

SMSD Students Featured in Youth Art Month Exhibit
Shawnee Mission School District

Artwork by Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) students is featured currently in a statewide art show. The exhibit is hosted by the Sabatini Gallery located inside the Topeka Public Library, 1515 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, Kan.

As part of Youth Art Month, the Kansas Art Education Association (KAEA) exhibits student art work from each educator and school throughout Kansas. Participants must be enrolled in grades K-12 and all artwork must be original. Alyssa Passmore, Hocker Grove middle school art teacher, enthusiastically coordinated the collection and delivery of Shawnee Mission art work from each school.

 “Each art educator can only send one piece to represent their whole school, which is a huge honor for our students!” she expressed. “Please join me in celebrating our students and their wonderful work and accomplishments.”

The exhibit is on display through Saturday, March 26, 2022.  The exhibit will conclude with a closing ceremony honoring students.  Former Miss Kansas, Annika Wooten, will close the exhibit doing a live speed-painting at the gallery.

Youth Art Month is a national promotion of visual art and art education. As part of this month, thousands of schools participate and partner with local art museums and civic organizations to display student art. Youth Art Month promotes the importance of art education to develop problem solving, creativity, observation and communication skills.

Here are the SMSD student artists with exhibits on display:

Student                            Educator                          School

Vanessa Estevane            Heidi Hafner                      Bluejacket-Flint

Mara Hughes                     Lauren Phillips                   Briarwood

Nolan Mooney                   J.D. Mosher                      Brookwood

Shalom Wacha                  Tereesa McEntire-Hawes          Comanche

Breckin Collins                  Amy Shapley                     Crestview

Nolan Ewers                      Hayleigh Chudik                East Antioch

McKenna Ballentine           Megan Ellis                       Lenexa Hills

Gabriel Kloiber                  Mark Teel                         Lenexa Hills

Cora Anderson                  Erin Scott                          Merriam Park

Shyann Groff                      Katie Cation                       Nieman

Lillian Meacham                Megan Grey                       Oak Park Carpenter

Evie VandeNoord              Rachel Kaufman                Rhein Benninghoven

Parker Shull                       Hannah Lloyd Rosell          Rosehill

Angelina Bustos                Christine Oldberg              Rushton

Charlotte Connell               Cayla Cushing                   Santa Fe Trail

Kacey Bates                      Victoria Lumpkin                Sunflower

Rocco Connelly                 Elizabeth Hafner                Tomahawk

Naomi Brown                    Shellie Schwab                  Trailwood

Emil Wetzel                        Paige Crosswhite              Westwood View

Nirvana Mullin                   Alyssa Passmore               Hocker Grove

Tiarra Johnston                 Kaitlyn Spencer (Flager)    Hocker Grove

Lily Brown                          Kelsey Phillips                   Indian Woods

Noemi Kurasz                   Lauren Seals                      Indian Woods

Murphy Galloway               Lexi Zuel                            Trailridge

Giselle Vega                      Audrey Gilroy                    Westridge

Libby Fox                           Adam Finkelston                SM East

Cain Cruz                          Chandra Beadleston          SM North

Giselle Garza                    Stephanie Dalley               SM North

Madison Dunham              Juliet Miller-Martin             SM North

Juan Fernandez                Steph Kates                       SM Northwest

Katie Ault                           Melissa Terryberry             SM Northwest

Lettie Featherston             Jill Oliver                            SM South

Graelen Carter                  Cortney Dougherty            SM South

Noah Xiong                        Mark Rice                          SM South