Strategic Plan for 2024-2029 Adopted

Strategic Plan Cycle II 2024-2029
Shawnee Mission School District

The Shawnee Mission School District now has an updated Strategic Plan. This plan, developed by the community and approved by the Board of Education on June 24, 2024, will serve the district through 2029.

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“I am confident this new plan will continue to build upon our district’s rich traditions and carry us forward to even greater success,” shared Superintendent Dr. Michelle Hubbard.

This Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan Cycle II) was developed by hundreds of individuals that included staff, parents, students, and community members. Dr. Michael Schumacher, who will begin as the Shawnee Mission School District’s superintendent on July 1, 2024, thanked the hundreds of individuals who worked together to develop the plan this year.

“It is truly our plan,” he emphasized. “It’s not Dr. Hubbard’s, it’s not mine, it’s not the Board of Education’s. It is the entire community’s plan. It’s bigger and more important than any of us. It will be my primary responsibility for me and my administrative team to execute these action steps and to publicly report out to the community our progress… This will be our roadmap for success over the next five years.”

Plan Development

Months of collaborative work led up to the final approval by the Board of Education.

A Strategic Plan Steering Committee, made of 31 representative community members, held a workshop in February. They reviewed district information and community input provided through ThoughtExchange. They also reviewed, discussed, and affirmed the mission, vision, beliefs, and parameters to include in Strategic Plan Cycle II. Finally, they developed strategies to guide the work for Cycle II.

While serving on this committee, Oreofeoluwa Oni, Shawnee Mission North student, shared  that members made it clear they liked to hear everyone’s opinion.

“In big groups, sometimes you get overlooked, but not in this group,” Oni reflected. “Everyone’s voice is heard.”

It was great to see how many people cared about the success of students in the community, Remy Witt, Shawnee Mission South student shared. 

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Next, Action Teams met to develop action steps for each strategy. On June 6,  the Steering Committee met to hear the work of the Action Teams and finalize the Strategic Plan draft to forward to the Superintendent. The Board approved the Strategic Plan on June 24.

Next Steps

Now that this plan has been approved, Dr. Schumacher said he encourages community members to continue to be engaged in the process in the coming months. He anticipates there will be opportunities for the community to provide feedback in the future and implementation will also require the assistance from volunteers. Quarterly updates will be provided to the Board of Education, with the first taking place in October.


Strategic Plan Cycle II 2024-2029

Strategic Plan Cycle II 2024-2029