ApacheIS Fourth-Graders Participate in Philanthropy

ApacheIS hygiene kits
Shawnee Mission School District

Fourth-grade students at ApacheIS recently learned first-hand a way to help those in need as a result of a natural disaster. Working with Heart to Heart International, they put together hygiene kits.

Katie Hearn, fourth-grade teacher, connected with Heart to Heart to support a reading curriculum theme, “How people respond to natural disasters?” Earlier in the school year, a representative from Heart to Heart visited with fourth-graders and shared about the organization’s work to provide physical comfort and relief to people recovering after a natural disaster.

Heart to Heart received a grant from Wells Fargo to support an organization that would not usually be able to finance a kit-building event. Because they had visited with fourth-graders this year, Heart to Heart reached out to ApacheIS to participate.

 “I liked connecting with a local organization,” Hearn said. “Putting the kits together lets the students make a personal connection while helping others.”

Fourth-graders built 100 hygiene kits. Each one included soap, a comb, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a wash cloth, a towel, shampoo, and band-aids.

 “People who have to leave their homes in a hurry because of a disaster don’t think about taking hygiene items with them,” Amy Lafferty, marketing and communication coordinator with Heart to Heart said.

 “I think the kits are important because if you don’t feel clean, you feel sad and hopefully the kits will cheer people up,” Natalie Maloney, fourth-grader said.

Heart to Heart puts the hygiene kits in warehouses so when disasters happen, the items are ready to be shipped immediately to people in need. When the Apache kits are sent, Heart to Heart will connect with the teachers and students to let them know where they helped.