ApacheIS Students Share Kansas City Curiosity With KCPT

ApacheIS students in KCPT CuriosityKC Video
Shawnee Mission School District

Third-grade students at ApacheIS are curious about Kansas City. KCPT recently visited their classroom to film a video spot about what they would like to learn about their city. Click here to view the video.

KCPT will create an episode of CuriousKC exploring a question from a local third-grade class. Community members can vote on which question they would like answered by KCPT by clicking here.

Third-grade teacher Ali Mackenzie and her students volunteered after they heard that the station was looking for third-grade classrooms to be a part of the CuriousKC series. The students have recently been learning about the city they live in. They started the project by reading the book “Mayor Sly and the Magic Bow Tie: A Kansas City Adventure.”

“Following the book, we discussed what we know about our city and some of our favorite things to do in Kansas City,” Mackenzie said.

As part of their preparation, the students and their teacher conducted research about Kansas City using a collaborative software called WebQuest. By the end of the quest, each student had generated at least three questions about Kansas City. They then worked together in small groups to narrow down their list of questions. The final list of questions was submitted to KCPT for approval.

The students learned how much patience and perseverance it requires to make a commercial. It took more than an hour and half to film the video. The students were shocked at all the hard work it took to put together a successful preview. But, they also enjoyed learning more about their community, Mackenzie said. 

“My students loved learning more about the city in which they live,” Mackenzie said. “We learned a lot of interesting tidbits which led to amazing questions.”

The final list of questions included:

·      How many animals are at the KC Zoo?

·      Who lived in the KC Museum?

·      How many toys are in the Toy and Miniature Museum?

·      Why is Kansas City’s nickname the breadbasket?






ApacheIS students in KCPT CuriosityKC Video