Artist Presents Sculpture to Brookwood Elementary School

Artist Visits Brookwood
Shawnee Mission School District

As each student arrives at Brookwood Elementary School, someone will be wishing that they have a “Happy Day.”

“Happy Day,” is the name of an original work of art created by artist Rita Blitt and given to the school. It was recently installed at the elementary school building.  Blitt said that every time students arrive at school she will think about them.

“I want you to remember I am sending you wishes for a very happy day!” she said to the students.

This spring, Blitt visited students at Brookwood Elementary to talk to students about that work of art and the inspiration behind her work. On the same day, she also took time to sign books for Shawnee Mission educators. Blitt has donated a copy of a book featuring her artwork to all libraries in the Shawnee Mission School District.

During an all-school assembly at Brookwood, Blitt talked about artwork she created that was inspired by motion. She encouraged the students to use their hand and imagine painting in the air. She also encouraged each of the students to continue to make art, to pick up their art supplies and enjoy the act of creating.

Before the assembly concluded, John Mosher, art teacher, presented a card from the students and staff thanking Blitt for her gift to the school and for taking the time to talk about her work as an artist.