Bluejacket Flint Elementary Students Thrive With Martial Arts

Bluejacket Flint Elementary Students Thrive With Martial Arts
Shawnee Mission School District

Students at Bluejacket Flint Elementary were recently introduced to Martial Arts by Master Dave, a local Martial Arts instructor. He provided instruction on and education about martial arts during physical education classes for all grade levels. This is an opportunity to introduce students to the martial arts, along with following directions and listening skills.

“This is directly related to our Strategic Plan and the objective that focuses on developing interpersonal skills,” Dirk Kinney, Physical Education teacher noted. “The martial arts help students increase focus, confidence, and respect for themselves and others.  

Each day, as students entered the class, they learned to greet with a bow and count to ten in Korean.

Many students would not have the exposure to martial arts, Kinney shared “This is an amazing opportunity for our students to participate in and be exposed to martial arts.”

The week ended with students, and Principal Howard, demonstrating their listening skills, and the traditional act of breaking a board in half.