Body Venture Visits Roesland and Tomahawk Elementary Schools

Body Ventures Display - Mouth
LauraADM Harsch

Did you know you can hear your heart beat in other parts of your body? How many different muscles are in your body? How long is an intestine?  All these questions were answered when the Body Venture traveling exhibit visited Roesland and Tomahawk elementary schools.

Students toured the inside of a largescale replica of the human body from the mouth to the brain to the stomach. The students learned the importance of making healthy food choices and being physically active or as Body Venture encourages: “Eat Smart. Play Hard.”

At Tomahawk parents were the facilitators for the exhibit that was funded by their PTA.

Shawnee Mission North High School Human Anatomy students served as instructors at each of the ten different body stations in the exhibit at Roesland. Roesland’s Girl Scout Troop 1236 helped to fund the exhibit visit.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to educate our young students about good nutrition, physical activity, and other healthy lifestyle choices in an engaging and interactive exhibit,” Jennifer Woolever, Roesland principal said.