Briarwood Pre-K and First-Grade Students Produce, Perform Play

Briarwood Pre-K and First-Grade Students Produce, Perform Play
Shawnee Mission School District

Working behind the scenes and onstage, students at Briarwood Elementary shared the play “The Three Little Pigs” this semester with their peers and family members.

Pre-Kindergarten and first-grade students took on every role of the production.  

Their work began by brainstorming together what story they would like to share. Then all of the students chose roles. Some students made costumes, designed and created sets, while others acted or designed the cover of the playbill.

The project helped students work collaboratively, learn to retell stories, practice acting a story, and helped enhance the students’ creative and artistic skills, Pre-Kindergarten teacher Lisa Berbiglia said. Students also listened to different versions of the same story and compared and contrasted and studied all of the building materials involved in the story including sticks, straw, and bricks.

“It has truly been a collaborative project and a great experience for students to work together as part of a team,” Berbiglia said.  

Pre-Kindergarten students in Berbiglia’s class and Emily Ruble’s first-grade class regularly met for literacy and creative arts lessons this year. The meetings allowed for the students to work together and strengthen social skills.

They enjoyed it so much, Berbiglia and Ruble decided to provide the students this performance-based project to work on together.