Briarwood Second-Graders Sleuth on Classroom Spy Day

Second-graders from Briarwood dressed as spies on spy day
Shawnee Mission School District

A group of Briarwood Bulldogs recently spent a day as detectives.

In Tina Regier’s second-grade classroom, students earned the opportunity to select a theme for the day as part of a class reward.

The class voted to hold a Spy Day. Throughout Spy Day, students worked on educational activities such as spy spelling, spy-themed math problems, and acted as “detail detectives” during reading time. The class also read a new book about a child who is a spy.

Regier invited students to celebrate the themed day by encouraging them to dress as detectives, taught them a secret handshake, and by gave students code names. At the conclusion of the day, students worked together to solve several mysteries by cracking codes and following clues.

Students earned the opportunity for a theme day by working together as a class to demonstrate positive behavior. The class is already working toward their next theme day.  

Second-graders from Briarwood dressed as spies on spy day
A student solves problems on spy day.
A group of students solve a puzzle on spy day.
Students get fingerprinted on spy day.
Students work to solve a mystery on a classroom's spy day.