Broadmoor Bistro Kicks Off Homecoming Chef Series

Chef Munoz and student
Shawnee Mission School District

Chef Pablo Munoz, a Shawnee Mission culinary arts graduate returned to the Broadmoor Bistro kitchen for a culinary homecoming event. Click here to see a video.

Munoz graduated from SM Northwest in 2010. His interest in culinary arts took hold after participating in a culinary competition with Chef Robert Brassard, culinary arts instructor.

Munoz encourages students interested in culinary arts to start working now. He started his career by washing dishes.

”You can’t graduate from high school, culinary school, or college and immediately be an executive chef,” Munoz said. It’s hard work and it’s satisfying work but get started now he advises.

As part of the homecoming, Munoz served as a chef mentor during the school day as the culinary arts students assisted with the preparation of the five-course meal.

Norah Pieken, SM North sophomore and student server at the event, enjoyed learning from Chef Munoz during her class time. She was struck by the variety of ingredients included in the mole sauce.

Munoz describes his style of cooking as familiar comfort food that he elevates or turns on its head. Examples were included in his menu for the homecoming event.

“Everyone knows chicken mole as a comfort food served with rice,” Munoz said. For his take on the dish, Munoz served confit chicken with a risotto-style Mexican rice, a twist on his family’s traditional meal.

The other example was his dessert bruschetta. Typically, you don’t think of bruschetta as dessert, but we caramelized the baguette and served it with a cherry compote, orange ricotta and mint cream anglaise Munoz explained.

As he introduced the different courses, Munoz shared that he likes to see how many different ways he can use one ingredient in his cooking. He also likes to keep learning, noting there is always something new to learn in this profession.

He strives to use every part of an ingredient. For example, he made preserved lemons using lemon rinds from juiced lemons which was featured in the vinaigrette dressing of his citrus salad.

More than 100 guests attended the sold-out event. Chef Munoz’s cooking may be enjoyed at Tannin Bar and Kitchen in Kansas City, where Munoz is executive chef.

The Broadmoor Bistro is the center for culinary arts education in the Shawnee Mission School District. Located in the Center for Academic Achievement, 8200 W. 71st St., it offers courses in culinary, commercial baking, and restaurant management to connect students to real-world experience and industry knowledge through a fine dining restaurant.

The Bistro restaurant is open on Wednesday evenings and patrons may make reservations to enjoy dinner prepared by culinary arts students.  Click here for more information about the Broadmoor Bistro.