Brookridge Garden Reaps Learning Experiences

Students share food they've gathered from the Brookridge Garden
Shawnee Mission School District

Lately, to learn more about the world around them, the Brookridge Bobcats have been taking the classroom outdoors.

Their school garden is inspiring a variety of lessons rooted in food and the environment. Students in all grade levels have been visiting the garden to learn about harvesting and the basics of gardening.

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One of the most important lessons students are learning is about the trial and error that comes with gardening, JoAnna Euston, instructional coach said.

“Students are working through problem-solving skills as environmental factors arise,” Euston said. “You can’t control the weather any more than you can control some life circumstances. You can process, evaluate, adjust, and replant if need be.”

The food garden has been such a great resource for learning, educators at the school are hoping to eventually add a garden that will include plants to attract insects and butterflies, Euston said.

Students share food they've gathered from the Brookridge Garden
Brookridge Students share their garden harvest
Students share the results of their Brookridge Harvest
A class of students shares what they've gathered from the Brookridge harvest.