Brookwood Elementary Students and Staff Visit New School

Brookwood 6th Graders Welcome Students
Shawnee Mission School District

Students and staff got to see their new school home for the first time when they visited the brand-new Brookwood Elementary before Spring Break. Watch a video of their first look here.

Classes will begin at the new school on Tuesday, March 19.

Sixth-graders arrived for the preview first and formed a tunnel, joined by the Brookwood mascot, to welcome all the students with high-fives and cheers for their new school.

“We have been given such a beautiful environment that will allow us to cooperate and collaborate with others,” Lori Ingram, sixth-grade teacher, said. “It’s full of light and wonderful collaboration spaces. We are so excited to live in it and learn in it.”

As the school community toured the space, they were able to see many of the new features including collaborative learning spaces and a separate gymnasium and cafeteria with a full-service kitchen.

“The new school is awesome, and it feels so modern with all the open space and windows,” Nora Schumaker, sixth-grader said. “It’s such a privilege to the first sixth-grade class to be in this school. Sixth-graders got to look at the plans and helped with some of the design elements and with the design of the library. From the beginning we knew it was really important to include the community in the process.”

Brookwood Elementary School will host a Dedication Ceremony for the school and community at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 25. There will be an open house and tours with remarks at 6 p.m.

Brookwood Students
Brookwood 6th Graders