Class of 2020 High School Graduation Information

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Shawnee Mission School District

This week, the Class of 2020 received letters from their principals outlining graduation plans created in light of stay-at-home orders. Principals gathered feedback from students, parents, and staff leadership groups regarding graduation.

Governor Laura Kelly’s order to close schools through the end of the school year included a prohibition on in-person ceremonies being held before May 29, 2020. This means Shawnee Mission graduation will not be able to occur on the dates originally planned. The school district has made alternative plans for a graduation ceremony to celebrate our seniors’ many accomplishments.

The feedback was used in conjunction with the Governor’s guidance to develop two plans for graduation. In reviewing these two plans, it is very important to note that any final decision about gatherings large enough to schedule in-person graduations will be made based on guidance from federal, state and local authorities.

The plans are as follows:

Plan 1: In-person ceremonies, scheduled as follows:

Arrowhead - July 13th @ Arrowhead 7 p.m.
East - July 14th @ North 8 p.m.
South - July 14th @ South 8 p.m.                  
North - July 15th @ North 8 p.m.
West - July 15th @ South 8 p.m.
Northwest - July 16th @ North 8 p.m.
Horizons - July 16th @ Horizons 7 p.m.

Plan 2: Video produced ceremonies, which would take place the same week.

We do not know when guidance will be provided regarding the possibility for large in-person gatherings in July. We also do not yet have a date set for distributing caps and gowns.

In order to produce a successful video production of graduation in support of Plan 2, work must begin now. While the district hopes to host in-person graduations, a decision will need to be made by June 15, 2020. As more information is gathered, the district will continue to share updates.