Educators Implement Strategic Plan Objectives in the Classroom

Educators Implement Strategic Plan Objectives in the Classroom
Shawnee Mission School District

Just before the first days of school, many district team members attended the Shawnee Mission School District Instructional Fair. The event provided an opportunity for educators to strengthen skills and learn new strategies to apply during the school year.

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Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton spoke with attendees about the district’s Strategic Plan, which is guiding the district’s work now and into the future.

“The Strategic Plan objectives are pretty simple,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton said to attendees. “Every student will have a personalized learning plan that supports them in being college and career ready and having the interpersonal skills important to life success.”

The fair also included a variety of professional development sessions, which related back to the strategic plan objectives. 

Belinder fifth-grade teacher Erica Rohr said that she looked forward to working on goal setting with her students.

“I think they get really invested in their learning when they have something they are working toward,” Rohr said. “I want to help them take the steps to reach their goals.”

Sessions were also offered to individuals in non-teaching positions to help them strengthen their skills and implement the Strategic Plan objectives in their work with students as well. 

“We’re all thinking of new ideas and new ways to approach learning and working on starting the year off with a fresh set of eyes , Travis Sumner, structured learning classroom teacher said.