Elementary Schools Across the District Celebrate the First 100 Days of School

Belinder 100 Days Recital
Shawnee Mission School District

Kindergartners across the Shawnee Mission School District are celebrating the fact that they are 100 days smarter. In classrooms across the district, they have joined in a variety of activities marking the 100th day of school and learning about the number “100.”

Belinder kindergartners celebrated the first 100 days of school with a musical performance. Written and directed by Jillian Scozzafava, Belinder music teacher, the recital included original and traditional music and a folk song from Argentina. Students wore t-shirts they had designed featuring the number 100 and played a variety of instruments to accompany their songs.

At Rushton Elementary, kindergarten students spent time working on activities related to the number 100. They put together 100-piece puzzles, built structures using 100 blocks or stackable items, and worked on a variety of activities helping them practice counting to 100. They also marked the occasion by dressing up as centenarians. 

Prairie Elementary kindergartners walked the runway in their self-designed, 100 item-themed shirts and hats. Materials included LEGOS, pom-poms, and veggie straws. As each student was presented, the teachers read from 100-day journals that included a written description by each student.

The topics students wrote about included 100 of their favorite items, which included dinosaurs, cupcakes, and hamsters. Their least favorites included 100 bruises, math worksheets, and brothers. They also described what they would do with $100 dollars. Responses included that they would save it, give it to people needing money, or buy a horse. Finally, when asked what they hoped to do in 100 years, students shared they hoped to do a cartwheel, hula hoop and have many friends.

The official 100th day of school was January 29, 2019.