Future Student Teacher Begins Practicum at Shawnee Mission Northwest

Student Teacher Signing
Shawnee Mission School District

A new student-teacher-in-training, Phillip White from MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU), is now working with freshmen in Sheila Young's English Language Arts and Advanced Placement English Language Arts. White recently signed his “letter of intent” to pursue the teaching profession and is conducting a student teaching practicum at Shawnee Mission Northwest during the spring semester. See video here.

White interviewed with the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) and other local school districts before selecting SMSD as the district to pursue his teaching degree. “I really appreciated the professionalism and level of respect the interviewers from SMSD demonstrated during the interview process,” White noted.

White is a participant in the FORCE [Forging Opportunities and Recruiting for Careers in Education] program at MNU.

Dr. Jill Gonzalez-Bravo, School of Education department chair at MNU, explained the program was designed to introduce men of color to prospective employers in the field of education.

In the FORCE program, prospective employers’ partner with MNU’s School of Education to provide placement sites and mentors for talented teacher hopefuls.

During the spring semester, White is completing his student teaching practicum which involves shadowing Young, building relationships with students, and becoming an expert in subject areas.

White hopes to be able to become a student teacher in SMSD following his practicum. After completing his degree, White hopes to teach at the high school level and coach football.

“We are excited about partnering with MNU on this innovative education program,” Dr. Michael Schumacher, director of secondary human resources for the SMSD, shared. “The FORCE program provides an important link to our Strategic Plan and our second strategy: We will relentlessly create a fully unified, equitable, and inclusive culture.”