Geometry in Fashion on Rosehill Red Carpet

Dr. Fulton dances with Rosehill students at their geometry fashion show.
Shawnee Mission School District

Third-graders put their best foot forward as they hosted a Geometry Fashion Show at Rosehill Elementary School this spring. 

The students have been learning about geometry and worked to design wearable shoes using the concepts they’ve been studying. The students invited a group of special guests to their school this spring to model the footwear on the red carpet. Administrators and staff from across the district helped share the shoes the students designed especially for them.

The project helped students learn and practice their measuring skills, identify geometrical concepts like parallel lines, symmetry, and shapes, instructional coach Brandi Leggett said.

The students took a lot of care using accessories and designs they felt the adults would enjoy wearing, she noted. Each adult guest helped model the specially designed shoes on the red carpet and on stage in a school assembly.

“The project helps the students see that learning can take place beyond the classroom and see how what they are learning is relevant and applicable to the real world,” Leggett said.   “There were lots of laughs, proving that learning can be a lot of fun.”